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Thermo wood
20/sq m EXW  
Wholesale price
€17-18/sq m
Термообробка, LLC, UA +4 ads
The company LLC Termoobrobka produces molded products from thermally treated wood of different sizes and wood species. Decking, deck, front...
Price on request
MB Vilkentra, DEP, Vilnius
We need 1 and 2 sort 75 75 1200
Manganese ore 15-45%.
Wholesale price
$1.40-5.70/1% FCA
Строим вместе, LLP, KZ +1 ad
Manganese ore 0-300mm: 1. 8-12% * 1.4 $/1% 2. 13-17% * 1.9 $/1% 3. 18-22% * 2.4 $/1% 4. 23-27% * 2.9 $/1% 5. 28-32% * 3.5$/1% Manganese ore,...
Price on request
Ардабас, UAB, Tauragė +8 ads
Trebūjūtsia fasadčiki , kamenščiki (kirpič , keramičeskije bloki i t. p. )
Statybinė (impregnuota) mediena Vilnius 3m, 6m, 7m.
130/cu m
Transbaltlita, UAB, Vilnius +1 ad
Parduodame statybinę mediena Pas mus rasite visą medieną namui statyti. Pristatymas visoje Lietuvoje. UAB "Transbaltlita" Sandėlis: Kalno g....
"Hadji" chocolate dates with almonds
6/kg EXW  
Wholesale price
Hadji Chocolate Dates, AS, TR
We are looking for a reliable partner in your country. We offer high-quality products from the manufacturer chocolate dates with almonds.
Tempering machine for chocolate
Price on request
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +4 ads
Turbo multi-zone tempering machine is used for tempering in a thin layer of glaze, chocolate, creams due to the formation of stable β-crystals of...
Charcoal production and sales
Амикарбо, LLC, BY
Our company produces high quality lump charcoal. The charring takes place in pyrolysis furnaces at a temperature of 230-300 ° C. As raw material...
Sell ​​wood briquettes RUF
Price on request
Зубенко А.В., SP, UA +3 ads
Sell ​​wood briquette RUF (Ruff). Briquettes from coniferous wood. Packed in shrink film 12pcs. in one pack. 1 pack = 10 kg. On a pallet 96 packs...
Rapsų aliejus
Wholesale price
ЛеоФуд, PUE, BY
Mes parduodame rapsų, saulėgrąžų ir sojų aliejų. Biokuro techninės alyvos. Pristatymo sutartis. Dideli kiekiai. Išankstinis užsakymas
Parduodama įvairi mediena
115/cu m  
Wholesale price
€115-240/cu m
Стокганг, PUE, BY
Parduodama įvairi mediena iš Baltarusijos, kaina priklauso nuo medienos rūšies ir rūšies, kai kurių dydžių sandėlyje, kai kurių užsakymų. Mes...
Manufacturing stone crushing machines and screening equipmen
Price on request
Seytas Makina, LS, TR
SeytasMachinery is one of the leading company in Turkey manufacturing stone crushing machines and screening equipments. Our products is used for...
Pardavimas krapų / petražolių eksportui (iš Ukrainos)
Price on request
Miyatorg, LLC, UA +3 ads
Parduodu eksportui krapų ir petražolių, taip pat kitų rūšių žalumynus (žali svogūnai, koriandras, salierai, arugula, bazilikų salotos, pipirmėčių,...
Aš parduodu skerdenų odos.
Wholesale price
Удача-KZ, LLP, KZ
Aš parduodu galvijų odos be masės. Šis produktas yra Kazachstane. 150 tonų galvijų kailių. Mokrosol, promzaboy, apytikslis kiekvienos odos svoris...
Parduodame ąžuolo ir žiedmedžio malkas
Price on request
Швалёв Д.А., SP, BY
Parduodame ąžuolo ir žiedmedžio malkas, 25 cm ilgio. Visada prieinama. Taip pat galimi Tare 2RM, 1.8RM ir 1.1RM, kiti taros variantai ir medienos...
Washer (polisher) 2408
Price on request
Nut Exim, LLC, UA +3 ads
Washer (polisher) is intended for washing and polishing of walnuts, hazelnuts, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. It consists of nylon...
Pellets premium class 6mm
Wholesale price
€102-106/t FCA
Карташов А., SP, RU
Pellets premium class 6mm Free volume every month 140t Ash content of 0.3% Raw Material -70% Birch Big bags 1000kg 102€ Bags 15kg (polyethylene )...
Sell, carbon, carbon dust (anglis)
Price on request
KazTransExport, LLP, KZ
Sell, carbon, carbon dust
Coal tar coal tar pitch
Price on request
Кубань Трейдинг, LLC, RU
Dear Sirs, The company "Kuban Trading" offers wholesale deliveries to foreign contractors of coal tar, pitch and crude benzol from the...
JP54, A1, D2, D6, M100, Crude oil, gasolene, LPG, LNG
Price on request
Аудиотелком, LLC, UA +2 ads
I sell aviation kerosene JP54, A1, D2, D6, M100, Crude oil light, Gasolene, LNG, LPG . Prices are lower relative to Platts. Payment L/C. FOB...
Charcoal extra
Price on request
Белвудмастер, LLC, BY
Scharcoal extra 270 euro/tonna
Euro Pallet EPAL
6.30/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Has Trading, SK, PL +3 ads
1. Euro pallet «EPAL» (certified) - price 6.30 EUR 2. Euro pallet used - price 5.35 EUR We produce 90 thousand units per month. Delivery price -...
Potato Hermes
Price on request
Rush, Sp. z o.o., PL +5 ads
Potato conventional and chips varieties 35+-50mm 40+-55mm in big bags on pallets Price delivered or from our warehouse Liudmyla
Malkos smulkintos
Wholesale price
АТрейд Компани, LLC, BY
Malkos smulkintos savo produkcijos, kietmedžio. Jis ilgas 30-33 cm, Split 5-17 cm Drėgmė ne daugiau kaip 25%. Pakuotė 2RM (1x1x2), kita pakuotė...
Wood pellets from direct producer!
Price on request
Вудер Украина, LLC, UA +1 ad
We are national Ukrainian producer of wood pellets. Production facilities are located in Korosten, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. We offer wood...
Price on request
Строим вместе, LLP, KZ +1 ad
Realize: Coke breeze 0-10 mm., 10190 RUB/t. Coke nut 10-25 mm., 18990 RUB/t. On the terms of FCA, Zarinsk, Altai Krai, Russia.
Dujų silikatiniai blokeliai - akyto betono
48/cu m
Transbaltlita, UAB, Vilnius +1 ad
UAB "Transbaltlita" e-mail: Sandėlis: Kalno g. 4A , Vilnius Mes parduodame: 250*625*100 mm 250*625*120 mm 250*625*150 mm 250*625*200...
Rapsų išspaudos
Price on request
Korteka, UAB, Vilnius +2 ads
Karšto spaudimo rapsų išspaudos Incoterms FCA
Flakers of frozen blocks FBF 600
24,700/pc EXW
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +4 ads
The FBF frozen blocks flaker is intended for flaking of frozen blocks of meat, fish and poultry (including with bones), as well as frozen blocks...
Production equipment, industrial equipment
$2,000/pc DAT
Universal Engineering..., LLC, UA +4 ads
LLC "Universal engineering solutions" - a company that implements design, engineering and design solutions. The collective of the enterprise is...
Concrete plants, concrete production lines
Price on request
ASV PRO, OÜ, EE +1 ad
All-season concrete plants to provide and sell concrete. The payback of a concrete plant on average 2-3 months. Fully automatic mode "one"...
Wood Brikett Nestro 90 mm
Price on request
Зубенко А.В., SP, UA +3 ads
Fuel briquettes Nestro 90mm, mix 10 kg per pack 96 packs per pallet Cargo pallets 23, Loading Ukraine, Kiev region, Volume can be 4-6 trucks per...
Price on request
ДИО Экспорт, LLC, BY +1 ad
I will sell onion wholesale. Phytosanitary certificates, documents. Assistance in delivery
Aerodynamic grain separator
Wholesale price
Вентум Агро, LLC, UA +1 ad
The company-manufacturer offers the Aerodynamic grain separator. Separator makes cleaning and calibration of cereals, legumes, vegetables,...
Box tilter /box tipper "PKH/1"
Price on request
Nut Exim, LLC, UA +3 ads
Box tilter/box tipper "PKH/1" has been designed for unloading of boxes (containers) and others, including unloading of boxes with walnuts into a...
Pallet blocks for EPAL
120/cu m EXW  
Wholesale price
€120-130/cu m
Has Trading, SK, PL +3 ads
EPAL embossed cubes cost 130 EUR. Without embossing - 120 EUR. Delivery price - about 1 EUR/km Loading goods in the Polish cities - Kalisz and...
New crop Beetroot
Price on request
Rush, Sp. z o.o., PL +5 ads
New crop beetroot Size: 50-110 mm, 50-80 mm 90 % and 90-100 mm 10%. Packed: 15-20 kg net bags Contact us please for more details or call or whatsapp
Unedged sawn timber, pine
Wholesale price
€170-200/cu m FCA
Выблов С.А., SP, UA +2 ads
Sale of dry unedged timber pine, in Ukraine, as well as for export on FCA terms. The company sells on a regular basis sawn dry pine radial sawn...
Colloid mill - peanut butter machine
3,700/pc EXW
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +4 ads
Is an ideal solution for continuous grinding of particles in suspensions like viscous, semi-hard and hard products, without preliminary grinding....
Screw conveyor KPH
Price on request
Nut Exim, LLC, UA +3 ads
Screw conveyor "KPH/1" (hereinafter referred to as "Equipment") is intended for loading (feeding) walnuts into the hopper of the machine for...
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