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Forest Products, companies in Lithuania

0.6 2 Oct 2020

Dear partners, We are import-export company from Lithuania, biofuel sellers Feel free to contact us directly by WhatsApp, viber, telegram (speak English and Russian)

0.0 8 Sep 2020

Optavaja targovlia stroitelnymy moterialomy, instrumentami,

0.0 25 Apr 2016

Prodaza dosok

Baltic Hewer, UAB
0.0 27 Feb 2017

UAB „Baltic Hewer“ - located in the south of Lithuania and is in strategically convenient place to work with European countries. The company started as a producer of biofuels, but over the years, working in the timber field, we acquired a number of wood processing - drying equipment. We can...

Bonema, UAB
0.0 22 Apr 2017

Pokupajem, prodajiom, fasujem wood pellets. Pokupajem , obrabatyvajem, sushym pilomaterialy.

0.0 2 Feb

Double-cut wood pine, spruce, larch. Single cut wood oak, beech, black alder, birch, linden. Structural planed wood. Glued wood.

0.0 31 Aug 2018

Rastiniu namu gamyba profiliniu namu gamyba langai durys apvadai pjauta mediena d=iovinta mediena laiptai

0.0 10 Oct 2020

Import-Export biotoplyvo. Lesnaja promyšlenost. Domostrojenyje. Meždunarodnyje perevozky

0.0 15 Mar 2016

Zanimaemsa pokypkoi liesa pilim stojak vivozim na sklad, prodajom krugly les.

0.0 7 Nov 2017

GedWood successfully operating on European market from 2010 exporting different types of wood from Ukraine to EU.

0.0 9 Feb 2017

Optovaja zakupka pilomaterialov i paletnoi zagatovki. optovaja zakupka pilomaterialov i paletnoi zagatovki.

0.0 23 Apr 2016

Medienos tekinimas

0.0 15 Sep 2022

Logistika, tarptautiniai ir vietiniai pervežimai transporto keliais

0.0 2 Feb 2017

Medienos perdirbimas, gamyba, prekyba, importas, eksportas. Malkų gamyba.

Kuerkus, UAB
0.0 9 May 2018

Woodwork, construction wood, wood houses, hardwood, drying wood, planed woood, cladding Pine Spruce Ash Oak

0.0 14 Feb 2022

We continuously demand more from ourselves and aim to be the best partner for our customers. Our primary products are sawn and finishing timber. Siberian larch, spruce as well as pine timber are the main types in our assortiment. Sawn timber can be supplied as dried until it is suitable for...

0.0 8 Jul 2016

Distribution of wood and wood products. Buying MDF, HDF, Plywood, sawn birch, oak, ash boards

0.0 24 Sep 2017

Proizvodstvo derevianih domov, derevo obrobotka, prodaza derevenih izdelij.

Maori Group, UAB
0.0 27 Jun 2022

WWOOD – a team of professionals who have earned the sympathy of both legal and individual clients due to their flexibility, punctuality and honesty. We operate in as many as 12 European countries and have more than 100 loyal customers relying on our solutions. Our goal is success of our...

0.0 10 Sep 2018

We are producers of wooden poles from pine and spruce. We can produce poles by individual orders. Diameter may vary from 50 to 150mm, length – 0.5 to 3 m. Please send your measurements you are interested in, and we will send You our price offer and producing terms.

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