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Satalia Lithuania, UAB
1.7 19 Jul

Apšvieskite savo gyvenimą su Satalia! Esame jūsų „vieno langelio“ centras, kuriame visi jūsų elektros poreikiai patenkinami. Nuo jungiklių iki lizdų, laidų iki grandinės pertraukiklių – mes turime viską. Savo aukštos kokybės gaminiais ir išskirtiniu klientų aptarnavimu užtikriname, kad jūsų...

0.0 23 Dec 2022

Azərbaycandan işçilərin seçilməsi, Litva/Avropa şirkətlərində qanuni işə qəbul, məsləhətləşmələr.

Baltic Transline, UAB
0.0 15 Nov 2022

We are dealing in logistics all over Europe and England. We have a fleet of over 1400 trucks that are looking for drivers

0.0 30 Nov 2021

BitDegree is a globally-recognized online education company. The World Summit Awards 2020 Grand Jury has chosen BitDegree as the global champion in the Education & Learning Innovations category for the efforts in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The company uses...

0.0 10 Dec 2009

Packaging and sale of honey

Bonema, UAB
0.0 22 Apr 2017

Pokupajem, prodajiom, fasujem wood pellets. Pokupajem , obrabatyvajem, sushym pilomaterialy.

Connectum, UAB
0.0 17 Aug 2021

Do you want to try out a new job, see Europe and earn a European salary? Our company cooperates with some of the largest European companies. We are happy to assist you in finding the job that meets your qualifications and expectations.

0.0 16 Aug 2022

We are a company providing transport services UAB Continental transport. In order to ensure quality service, we provide our services 24/7, 365 days a year.

0.0 30 Dec 2022

We are UAB "Daitrada" - an ambitious and rapidly developing company that provides transport sales and rental services. Semi-trailers for rent and sale.

Dirmeta, UAB
0.0 2 Apr 2021

Dirmeta is an innovative company manufacturing precision mechanical components. Our parts are used in automotive, various machine manufacture, medical rehabilitation devices and energy industries.

0.0 19 May

Doing expedition/ logistics/ transportation/transport/ carrier

0.0 19 Aug 2021

Gas silicate blocks, from Belarus with EU certificates. Delivery within 5 working days.

0.0 2 Dec 2022

Construction company UAB Edisenda looking for employees for secondment.

0.0 9 May

Mezhdunarodnyje perevozki gruzov avtotransportom po Evrope.

0.0 29 Apr 2022

The wholesale trade of alcohol drinks, food, seafood, non-food products, agricultural products, oil, various stock lots.

Hegelmann Transporte, UAB
0.0 8 Jan 2016

Transport-ekspeditor, Agronomijos 55, Litva-Klaipeda Evropa - Azija, Rus

0.0 22 Mar 2021

Įdarbinimas Vokietijoje fabrikuose, gamyklose, prekių paskirstymo įmonėse, logistikos sandeliuose

Lauksas, UAB
0.0 31 May

UAB "Lauksas" specializes in providing comprehensive logistics solutions, including warehousing, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and efficient transportation of goods worldwide. Our expert team and advanced technology ensure reliable, timely deliveries and seamless supply chain management...

0.0 22 Dec 2022

Miezdunorodnyjie pierievozki po EU i BY. Baza v Kaunas.

MachineryAssist, UAB
0.0 26 May 2017

MachineryAssist - Used corrugated packaging machinery for sale - Used wood working machinery for sale - Industrial service: We provide engineering service support to all industrial sectors around the globe. Our core activity is industrial object transfer from one location to another including...

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