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Resume from 18 March 2022

Front-end developer in Naujoji Akmenė

I am looking for a job in Naujoji Akmenė, €1,400, remote work
Full name hidden 26 years old, Kaunas, higher education
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Work experience

Front-end developer
1 year 7 mo. Dec 2020 - Сurrent time
Remote Helpers, Kharkiv
1 year 7 mo. Dec 2020 - Сurrent time
Researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs.
Front-end developer (VUE)
2 mo. Apr 2021 - Jun 2021
Samlino.dk, Kharkiv
2 mo. Apr 2021 - Jun 2021
Widgets and widget-editor creating, VUE component-development, WordPress theme components developing.
Technical support specialist
1 year 2 mo. Sep 2019 - Nov 2020
1 year 2 mo. Sep 2019 - Nov 2020
Hiring by a company to oversee and maintain their computer hardware and software systems.
1 year 7 mo. Oct 2017 - May 2019
1 year 7 mo. Oct 2017 - May 2019
Optimization of website work.

Higher education

National Academy of Staff Management, Culture and Arts, Kyiv
Graphic designer
4 years 9 mo. Sep 2000 - Jun 2005


English - advanced

Additional information

Hi, my name is Svyatoslav, I’m 31 years old. I’m from Ukraine. Kherson is my native town. I graduated as a graphical designer but the economic situation was such that I needed to choose other profession to work. I learned network administration and boiled a small local area network of a regional scale. Later I started a career and worked as a webmaster and front-end developer. After that I worked as a camera guy at studio. My next job was in the position of sales specialist. My very last job was a technical support specialist for an internet provider. Talking about solving difficult situations, let me give you an example: when I was in the position of a cameraman at TV studio we were on a business trip in another city and had to fit in the schedule, but the session was moved to another date so our work was canceled. I saved the situation by filming beautiful views of the town, but as always the weather was grey and foggy so I hed to color videos in Adobe Premiere Pro. As a result, a customer was so happy that he ordered five more such videos. Most of all I like to work with creative tasks. Talking about my hobbies: I’m crazy about table tennis, Zumba and gadgets. Also I like to read about different science inventions and technical knowledge. Talking about my online experience, I maintained social network accounts many times, and I also did graphical designs for them. It’s a great happiness to work in a team of right-minded people, but there is no such a team on my memory so I solve all tasks in stand-alone mode.

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